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Massage session payment


LOMI Massage

Kawai Anakalea

Licensed Massage therapist.  Born & raised in Hawaii currently living in NYC.  Trained in traditional Hawaiian LOMILOMI. An amazing modality native to the islands of Hawaii.  Deep with a gentle loving touch.  In the Hawaiian Language Lomilomi is a word used traditionally, called lomi, meaning “to rub, knead, press, squeeze, massage, to work in and out.”IMG_5635

Lomilomi practitioners use the palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles & elbows.

Like all endeavors in old Hawaii, lomilomi was conducted with prayer and intention.  Hawaiian kupuna (elder) Auntie Margaret Machado describes lomilomi as “praying” work Lomilomi is now a common and popular massage modality throughout the world, especially in Hawaii, Japan and Europe.

Many traditionally taught lomilomi practitioners find it virtually impossible to offer authentic lomilomi in a spa setting and are unwilling to work in most spas or massage offices. They prefer to treat selected clients quietly and privately, often in home settings. Lomilomi practitioners may also ask their clients to pray, meditate, change their diets, and engage in other self-help activities usually believed to lie outside the scope of massage in an effort to truly help the clients obtain optimal health.

Kawai has been trained under Kumu Laina Ala at volcano Hawaii on the Big island. She is also skilled in Shiatsu, Deep tissue, Sports & Swedish. Kawai is almost full blooded Hawaiian & a professional Hula dancer.


$ 125 / 1 hour
$ 175 / 90 mins 

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