Polynesia Entertainment in New York City, NY

Our mission is to share the Hawaiian spirit with the world. We offer everything from basic instructions, workshops, and professional performances.



Join us as we embrace the relaxing rhythm of Polynesia culture in the beautiful chaos that is New York City.

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About KawaiOHawaiki

Born & raised in Hawaii, Native Hawaiian girl with a heart full of Aloha ready to share with the people of New York. She grew up in Waianae, Westside Oahu Hawaii. Every since the age of 6 KawaiOHawaiki was intrigued with the art of Hula dancing. She had had hula lessons in school & with family performing for small family events. However it was not until she moved away from the islands did her appreciation grow.

In 2016, KawaiOHawaiki celebrated her 10th year anniversary living in New York. Turning the Big Apple into the Big Pineapple is her aspiration. And to have a true & strong presence on the east cost for Hawaiian culture.

The road has definitely had its speed bumps she has still relentlessly followed her heart, dreams & aspirations.

She is planning to open a Hawaiian cultural center. A place where people can come & learn about Hawaii through music, food & dance. They can buy native products from the islands & even get a hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage.

Hosting & speaking on camera became her new passion.

In 2003 KawaiOHawaiki came to NY on vacation for the first time visiting friends, from that moment she knew this is where she needed to be to make her mark. Willing to leave behind a tropical paradise for the big city & bright lights in 2006 KawaiOHawaiki moved to New York City.

KawaiOHawaiki felt that she could share her culture here with an innovative twist.

“I believed that in New York City I would be able to dream big and make my dreams a reality. That of sharing my culture & passion for art. I'm so thankful that I am able to do just that!."

In NYC she took training at Manhattan Neighborhood Network & had her own a bi-weekly LIVE television show called Urban Vibes.

In Hawaii she was never a performer but when she left home it moved her to embrace her culture even more.

Hawaii will always be in her heart, but she is here in New York to share ALOHA!

Since being here, Shes danced Hula at many Weddings & Birthday parties. Shes even danced Hula on National TV for the CW Morning TV show. The group she leads is Urban Polynesia. Tahitian Cardio is the dance class she teaches. Please look though the website for more info.

"I LOVE NEW YORK. Moving here was the most amazing experience of my life! I grew so much as a person, emotionally, socially & spiritually. New York has an aggressive spirit & it pushes you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF & to know that anything is possible! I'm so thankful for all the blessings I have."

- S. Weathers, New Jersey.

Her show was entertaining & educational. I learned a few thing I never knew about Hawaii. I'm happy I hired a real Hawaiian hula girl.

B. Paulin- Montville, NY.

Hi Kawai we just wanted to say a big Mahalo for making my son graduation party so special. Talk about authentic!! Thank you to you & Taki. You folks do great!

S. Melvin-

My little girl is obsessed with LILO & stitch. So when her birthday rolled around I put together a Hawaiian theme birthday party. I found Kawai & was so excited to have a actual native Hawaiian girl!! She was so nice & friendly. She taught lessons & really got the kids involved. My daughter & all her friends couldn't stop talking about her weeks after the party!